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April 5, 2013
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BANDWAGON! by Oreramar BANDWAGON! by Oreramar
Why am I doing this?

Because I wanted to, and because I really can't see Hiccup in Hufflepuff when he suits just about every other house far better.

Of course, in the process of doing this my sister and I managed to sort all the other major (and some minor) characters of these four films into Houses or into teaching positions. I've also been developing tiny little headcanons in regards to this wildly Alternate Universe Hogwarts...

Merida DunBroch was sorted nigh-instantly into Gryffindor, much to her father's delight (that being his old House) and her mother's trepidation (she was rather hoping for a more studious Ravenclaw, though granted by the time Merida was eleven her hopes weren't that high anymore). Over time she developed a great deal of skill in dueling, being both quick on the draw and highly accurate, and is a decent Chaser on the Quidditch team. Her aptitude for Defense Against the Dark Arts has rendered her one of Professor Haddock's favorites, despite her not being from one of the Dragon-fighting Viking clans.
Her three wee brothers are not yet old enough for Hogwarts, but when they are they'll all be sorted into Slytherin, at which point their cunning and rather ambitious acts of mayhem will take the school by storm.
Unfortunately for her, her mother has recently been pushing her to find a steady boyfriend and focusing on three fellows in particular - Young Macintosh of Slytherin, Young MacGuffin of Ravenclaw, and Wee Dingwall of Hufflepuff (and all three of them are also being pushed in her direction in turn). All Merida really wants, though, is to retain her status as a wild and free (and very single) Scottish girl.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III gained the somewhat annoyed nickname "Hatstall Hiccup" when the Sorting Hat took well over six long minutes to place him, being frustrated by the fact that while he had some pluck and a great deal of desire to go into Gryffindor, that desire stemmed largely from a near-desperate thirst to prove himself to his Viking family, a very Slytherin trait. Eventually the Hat settled on Ravenclaw as a tie-breaker, focusing on Hiccup's inventive intellect and somewhat scatterbrained tendencies over his bizarre blend of courage and cunning. Since then, Hiccup has done passingly well in school, especially Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Gobber and Ancient Runes with Professor Gothi. He could have done better the first four years if he'd just applied himself rather than race off into the Forest to invent, set, and check various Dragon Traps, race off to the Forest to take care of his new friend Toothless, and then race off to the newly-discovered Dragon Nest to blow up the Queen and permanently lose a leg.
At least these days his father doesn't mind so much that he didn't make Stoick's own house of Gryffindor. All it took was bringing peace about between Wizard, Viking, and Dragon-kind.

Jack Frost threw himself into the role of a rebel and prankster almost the moment he entered Hogwarts. Long ignored and overshadowed as an orphan, he'd do anything for attention, anything at all...including show up for his fifth year with his previously-brown hair spelled pure white. He's got a particular liking for freezing charms and petrification jinxes and will happily amuse himself at mealtimes by icing people's beverages to their tongues - just as one small example. Sadly, his first-year experiments in simulating Frost Flowers have not endeared him to the Herbology Professor, Bunnymund, since they all but ruined several plants in the greenhouse.
He's pretty good with Charms and a whiz at Flying - being Slytherin's Seeker since second year - and rather dislikes the creepy Astronomy professor's habit of getting his jollies by deliberately scaring the snot out of his students...but hey, what else do you expect from a guy named Pitch Black? At least he's ultimately far.
Despite his troublemaking (and finding) tendencies, Jack is hero-worshiped by a small group of young students, first and foremost the Ravenclaw Jamie Bennet (much to the professors' general dismay). He's taken them under his wing gladly.
He's also got a rather potent, but ultimately friendly rivalry with Merida. Believe you me, Merida might be casting that paint spell at Rapunzel's canvas up there, but if Jack hadn't managed to dodge, it would hardly have been considered a wasted shot. At the same time, it's a paint spell, not some nasty hex or jinx; Jack can handle getting hit.

Rapunzel, the foster-daughter of the Arithmancy professor (and head of Slytherin), Gothel, wishes Hogwarts offered magical art courses. Despite this gap in their curriculum, she enjoys school, and actually gets the best grades out of these four due to diligent study habits and hard work. Her artistic experiments are many and wide-ranging, and her more abstract ones often involve the help of her friends, either by having Jack form frost patterns in a coat of wet paint, Hiccup build some crazy whirlygig tool to splatter paint about in weird motions, or just by holding a canvas up and having Merida do target practice with paint spells.
She wishes she could cut her hair sometimes, but it has magical properties Gothel wishes to save, study, and make use of, so she just braids it up most mornings and lives with the great many protection charms laid across it.
Recently she's somehow gained the attention of Flynn Rider, a Gryffindor a year ahead of her, and she doesn't particularly mind.


So, yeah. A Hogwarts-set crossing of the Pixar/Dreamworks "Big Four" of recent years, WITHOUT cross-pairing them and WITH some elements of their original stories, though they're frankly underdeveloped and will very likely stay that way.

At any rate, I hinted at the houses and positions of as many other characters as I could up there. For the curious, the unmentioned placements include: Transfiguration - Sandman; Charms - Toothiana; Flying - Fergus; Potions - The Woodcarving Witch; Nurse - Maudie; Divination/Ancient Runes - Gothi; Muggle Studies - Elinor; History of Magic - North; Headmaster - Man in Moon...Gryffindor Head - Stoick; Ravenclaw Head - Elinor; Hufflepuff Head - Toothiana...Gryffindor students - Astrid, Snotlout, Cupcake; Ravenclaw students - Fishlegs, Monty; Slytherin Students - Tuffnut, Ruffnut; Hufflepuff Students - Sophie Bennet, Pippa, Caleb, Claude.

I am done here.
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Merida:'Heads up,'Punzie!':D (Big Grin) 
Hiccup:'Be careful,Merida!'Oh Noes! 
Jack Frost:'Watch it!'Giggle 
Rapunzel:'Thanks,Merida!':) (Smile) 
rababco Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay, Hiccup is in Ravenclaw rather than Hufflepuff. I like the explanations and back stories of the characters, especially Hiccup. That poor sorting hat must've been so confused about Hiccup; he's a very well balanced character, he's brave like a Gryffindor, ambitious like a Slytherin and smart like a Ravenclaw. The reason the sorting hat chose Ravenclaw makes sense to me.
Oreramar Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014   Digital Artist
Hiccup's almost anything but a Hufflepuff. And really, if we consider that they're sorted at eleven and that the hat always takes personal choice into account, he'd very likely be a Gryffindor instead, assuming that the house of Courage is considered the "Viking" house, the one he'd wish for hardest on account of making his father proud. :) Now, if we assume that he doesn't have that burning desire to fit in with the brave Viking type, yeah, I can see Ravenclaw being his best fit. Shame it's so hard to find others of that opinion.
syrlai Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
you did Hiccup justice friend, his back story was well thought out. 
Oreramar Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks! I try, but I don't always get it right, so I'm glad this one worked out for you. :)
ArtLover0357 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I really hope you make this into a story! :D (Big Grin)  Great job!!
kkunicorns Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
really coolBunny Emoji-25 (Listening to music) [V2] 
FairyLusya Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Student Artist
Love merida and rapunzel in tjis picture
Oreramar Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013   Digital Artist
They are having fun, aren't they? :)
FairyLusya Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Artist
:3 :) :D
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