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Book of Stories OC sheet by Oreramar Book of Stories OC sheet by Oreramar
Name: Jaya Ferox
Physical Description: Black hair to upper back in length (short bangs), blue-grey eyes, lightly tanned skin. Height: 5’4”. Fairly average build.
(A quick note on attire: at the moment of choosing Jaya is wearing her cloak and wood/cloth-mask uniform over her more normal fighting clothes. This is why I show two different outfits.)
Chosen by: The Book
Gift description: A page from the book, properties as described in official tournament information.

Personality: In a word, distant. At this point in time, Jaya is still rather self-centered, though not in a narcissistic way. She’s more interested in driving toward her own goals and solving her own problems than in helping you solve yours. She’s not purposefully cruel or unkind, nor is she entirely uncaring…she simply has her own personal comfort zone she’d rather not have crossed.

Another word for Jaya would be proud. She will work together with others if it will lead her to her goal more efficiently, but she chafes somewhat under orders and will outright refuse to do something which either humbles or embarrasses her. She’d honestly rather fail on her own than actually ask for help, though at the same time she’s smart enough to not push aid away if she’s in a tight spot and it’s simply volunteered. If it comes down to a fight, verbal or physical, she’ll not back down unless her opponent does first. She has a vengeful nature, though she can hide it well under a casual demeanor.

Like most people, Jaya acts differently around her closest friends and family than she does around strangers. When comfortable, she can be playful, warm and friendly. Unfortunately, her family is back home in her own world, and her closest friends have been gone for some time now.

History: (Long, but she doesn't make a great secret of any of it. Not to say that she tells her life story to everyone either, but in general, she's not massively mysterious either, and I don't want to convey that by leaving oodles of important stuff out.)

The first child of a business owner/jewelry maker (Devon Ferox) and a housewife/professional gardener (Elissa Ferox) and the older sister of Michael Ferox, Jaya had a very normal, modern middle-class childhood. At eight years old she made friends with two older neighborhood children, Lexie Carlisle and Samuel Pierson. Both attended a nearby martial arts school, and before long Jaya had joined as well. They maintained a rather solid friendship straight up into high school, despite being separated by a two-year age gap.

When Jaya was fourteen, something went wrong. Martial arts tournaments were common among the various schools and styles, and their school had participated in minor ones before. This time they went into a much larger tournament, and though Jaya was knocked out of the running fairly early on and Lexie in the semi-finals, Samuel made it through and eventually won the weapons-sparring portion of the tournament. The entire contest was being funded and run by a wealthy race of peoples (called Vylte; very elf-like) who practiced a magic which could be considered a sort of demon-summoning, and the prize was to be any wish, any task which a moderately strong Utsuyan (resident of the Dark Dimension, outside their Worlds) could perform.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the summoning and the Utsuyan was brought in unbound and free to rampage. As Jaya and Lexie watched from the audience, it turned on its summoners, killing them on the spot before attacking Samuel. Though Lexie and a couple other brave classmates tried to jump in to save him, none of them had any experience in actual battle against something that wanted to destroy them, and they were slaughtered. A total of fifteen people died that day before a group managed to destroy the Utsuyan in turn, and Jaya saw it all happen.

Her worried parents sent her through therapy, supported her however they could, and talked about taking her out of the martial arts entirely if it might help. Their support helped Jaya enough that she didn’t withdraw completely into herself and that she readjusted, but she still never managed to make such good friends again. Further, she refused to withdraw from the martial arts, and instead began to focus on bettering herself in fighting, choosing to learn staff and spear forms (Samuel’s greatest strength) and working toward a goal of becoming an instructor herself (Lexie’s daydream job). This kept her busy and appeared to take her mind off of what she witnessed, so her parents allowed it. They never realized that Jaya maintained a quiet hatred of these Utsuyan, and by extension the Vylte, for those next five years.

Not long after entering university, Jaya finally managed to get hold of one of the underground groups of Utsuyan-killers (Seldavi Order) and joined up. Given the political and economic power of the Vylte, and given the Seldavi’s goal of exterminating the monsters and even prevenging them from being summoned again, these people were highly secretive. To this day, none of Jaya’s family or casual friends know of her participation in this, and she’d really like to keep it that way.

Abilities: Jaya comes from a race of humans (Alutians) who have an inherent ability to shape and control a particular element. She was born with an affinity for metal, like her father. Unlike him, however, she has very little in the way of fine, delicate control over softer metals such as silver and gold. Instead, Jaya favors heavier material such as steel, iron, and lead, and is best at broad work rather than detail. She uses this ability to almost instantly craft herself solid metal weapons – staffs, spears, halberds – and occasionally pieces of armor such as arm braces or shoulder plates. She must either have direct physical contact with the piece of metal or indirect contact through another metal piece to control and warp the forms into what she needs. She cannot create metal or destroy it, nor can she change the state of it except through mixing two together to create a third (ex: copper and tin to make brass), and as such she has to work with whatever is available. She does tend to wear a fair amount disguised as jewelry, including an eagle-themed headdress of sorts, though this is perhaps just enough to make a simple long knife at best. If she expects a fight, she will carry a leather baldric coated in steel.

Due to her martial arts training, Jaya knows how to wield long staff-like weapons in forms and in sparring. Due to her little side-job with the demon hunters, she knows how to use these forms in a highly practical, rather deadly manner. She doesn’t have superhuman strength or speed, but she knows how to handle herself well enough.

As one last note in ‘abilities,’ Jaya is a linguist. It’s what she’s formally studying in university…though it’s rather unlikely that she’s going to be communicating with anyone in the Book in her second tongue, which ironically enough, is Vyltian (it's a very common trade language due to the race's political/economic power). No matter.

Character info for The Book of Stories OCT

I have no time for this, I swear I don't.
I'm doing it anyhow.
Otherpaths help me.
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nnaj Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna have fun writing this character :D
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
Cool. :D
Naundeeey Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
cool he is the master of metal right?
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Oreramar Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011   Digital Artist
Jaya is female, so now I'm worried about my drawing abilities. But yes, she does control metal to some extent.
Interesting designs, by the way. The newest one looks vaguely like something Jaya might create, save only that she favors her blades on the side of the shaft rather than at the actual top and bottom.
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