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May 16, 2012
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Trollblades! by Oreramar Trollblades! by Oreramar
I did a weird crossover-design thingy again! :D

Homestuck trolls x Kingdom Hearts Keyblades.

I'll admit that I don't have any knowledge of how the stats work in KH regarding what each blade gives you. Still, as I worked I sort of vaguely considered what each of these trollblades would be able to do in a fully realized sense...

Minor attack upgrade, capable of decently damaging "frenzy" combos. Easily intimidates lesser foes; they are less willing to attack you and end up fighting mostly in defense.

time's hand
Moderate magic upgrade. In a special attack, you twist time just enough that a small number of time "clones" appear at the same instant to attack together.

This thing's simplistic and even rather weak at first, but it's got nothing but potential. The more you use it, the more it grows...and its cap is pretty high. Level it high enough, and you can use it to fly, generate whirlwinds, and pierce solid steel...if you wanted to, anyhow.

dupliicate doom
Tricky to wield, but its benefits are twofold. Grip the handle below the black blade and your physical attack stats rise; grip the opposite, and your magic improves. Grip both at once, and you'd better be pointing the blade tip at the enemy, because that lets loose a psionic blast which does massive damage...and drains your magic and makes you too woozy to fight at full ability for a few minutes. Better not use that one until you're absolutely certain it'll end the fight.

furever heart
Attack power isn't the highest, though a critical hit gives a nice bonus: any health (heart) you cut away from an opponent for a short period of time is split between you and your allies...with your allies getting the lion's share, of course. You also run a bit faster, jump higher, dodge better, and always land perfectly on your feet with little to no recovery time needed.

Soaring Space
Improves magic a great deal, and critical hits can really shred an opponent, though they're somewhat rare. On even rarer occasions, you glow with the light of a Rainbow Drinker and gain greater physical strength, and the damage you take for that brief time is cut drastically.

D4ng3rous M1nd
Small physical bonus. Comes with an option called BlindSight, which blurs and brightens the colors of your surroundings to a degree which might almost be crippling, but which also indicates hotspots on an opponent's body. Striking these while in BlindSight mode causes extra damage, paving the path toward victory. Also has an attack called Balance, in which you strike one enemy as the victim and the other as the recipient. The Victim's life energy is drained to a certain degree and given to the recipient instead; useful on large numbers of small fry especially.

St8len Light
Capable of a mental attack which can confuse or slow an enemy down for a brief time, but the best part of this blade is that you get all the luck. All of it. It is yours. Critical hit chances increase, as do the odds and amounts of dropped items at the end of the fight.

V01d Pier%er
To wield this blade, you must be STRONG. And then it increases your strength further, which seems a bit redundant, but there you have it. Essentially a very powerful attack blade, yet at the same time it can be somewhat brittle. Every now and then it might snap in half, dropping attack power to just below normal and requiring some fancy dodging and such while you wait for it to re-form.

MiRtHfUl RaGe
This blade is crazy, all over the place, absolutely bonkers. You never know what it'll do now, next, in the middle of battle. Without warning, it can raise your magic stats and drop your attack, or vice versa, or even out somewhere in the middle. Rarely, it might pump up both to high levels or, worse, send them plummeting for a little while. Sometimes it does extra damage, sometimes it's just a love tap. And every time you hit something...HoNk.

hope's bane
Lower attack power, but magic is raised. Except it's not magic anymore; it's science. And it can be a tad bit...surge-y. Your critical hits involve a lot of white light blasting through the area, and it's not very good at discrimination. Luckily, most of it is focused on the opponent you're aiming at.

lif-E's wat-Ers
Magic is raised, and your health is set to constantly regenerate. Healing spells and potions are still a good idea, though, as the regeneration is set at a certain rate. Luckily, even healing spells, etc. are beefed up a bit by this blade, so that they cure more than usual. The blade itself doesn't do too much in the way of attack damage, though.


So, which one's your favorite?
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St8len Light.
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