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Their Ni provides INJs with ideals, that is, with solutions or answers to improve the outside world. They often find their visions incredibly beautiful and compelling, finding it difficult to accept anything less than the seemingly perfect solution proffered by their Ni. To actualize this ideal, INJs must find a way to transform it into a tangible reality (Se). Unfortunately, because life is messy and does not readily conform to such idealistic efforts, INJs quickly learn that their visions are almost always tarnished in the process of actualization. Once the ideal has been tainted, it is easy for INJs (especially INFJs) to become despondent and lose all interest.
This leaves INJs with two primary options. The first is to merely act as producers of ideals without concerning themselves with their actualization. While option may satisfy their Ni, it fails to present them with tangible evidence of outer change (Se) they desire. Since INJs are wired to be change agents, producing only ideas can often feel unsatisfactory. Nonetheless, when faced with the alternative of accepting a less than ideal product, many INJs will settle for this mode of operation, at least for a while. This may be why INJs flock to academia, a setting which allows them to work on theories more or less independently of their application. Writing and other artistic pursuits also provide INJs with the opportunity to express their ideals without concern for their direct application. In doing so, they are in many ways functioning like INPs, who in many ways see the creative process as an end in itself.

This. This this this this THIS is why I can't ever seem to properly finish a large writing or artistic project, and why half the time I can hardly get started on the actual writing or painting bit despite all my concepts and ideas. This, right here, right where it talks about tarnished visions and nothing coming out just right and giving up due to the sheer perceived fruitlessness of the entire endeavor, this is me, and believe me, it is so incredibly frustrating on every damned level, because I want these bloody ideas out there and complete, and yet they'll never be good enough for me to complete them, never mind good enough to actually release the things into the world.

I need to know if a creative job exists where I can just produce the ideas and let other people handle the actualization. I think that would be somewhere in concept design or similar work. Only problem then is the fact that I'll never consider my work good enough to even bother applying - again, see above. Stupid, stupid opposing functions. Stupid.
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Keep writing and get that freaking story done!
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